Dubbo City Welding Works specialise in building tray bodies for trucks and utes. We also manufacture tipping bodies, builders racks, toolboxes and are Fassi Crane agents for rural NSW, we fit hydraulic cranes, lyco loaders and our trays are powder coated.

A DCWW tray body is made from heavy duty steel, is made by tradesman who understand how tough trays need to be in rural Australia. Our team of body builders have many years of combined experience and are all local men who understand what our customers require.

  • We customise tray and truck bodies to specific requirements incorporating underbody lockable toolboxes, tray top toolboxes, pipe, square or tapered headboards, window mesh, either black rubber or stainless steel sideboard edging as well as stainless steel key locks.
  • All of our fittings are suitable for the tough Australian outback and are of superior quality and finish.
  • Dubbo City Welding Works is very proud to provide fantastic products and service to our clients at the most competitive prices in NSW. We are specialists in building tray bodies, truck bodies and heavy duty trailers.
  • Dubbo City Welding Works has serviced rural NSW for over 30 years and proudly continues to do so.