Tray Builder Design

The Perfect TradeSman's Vehicle

Does it actually exist?

It is certainly something that Dubbo City Welding Works has put a lot of hard work in to proving that it CAN be achieved. A tradesman's work vehicle has to be many things over the span of its life...Aside from the obvious, as a means of transport from one site to another, the work "truck" has to provide comfort, security and great performance. It must also be tough, look great, have suitable load carrying capacity and affordability right from the start. It must function as an equipment and tools storage facility, portable workshop/workbench, and be able to remove or retrieve heavy loads with ease and safety. Simply put, some days the work ute becomes a "Tradies Best Mate". On top of all that and importantly, it has to be user friendly and provide ease of use and functionality with a primary focus at all times on safety. On the weekends, the work truck often turns into a family vehicle, either towing the boat or van, carrying all the camping equipment or actually becoming a bed in the bush for fishing weekends away.

Their are many options to make your work ute or truck into a fabulous, tough and integral part of your life. Why not give Neil a call to discuss what you require from your work ute.